Letter to the Editor: Supporting Murphy for First State success

As a first-generation American who trusts that the American dream is accessible and achievable for all Delawareans with the right leadership, my vote is with Lee Murphy in this general election.

Lee is an ardent supporter of pro-jobs, pro-business legislative advocacy. By reversing unnecessary regulations for small businesses and family-owned enterprises established by Delaware’s sensationalist “career politicians,” Lee will ensure that Delawareans live up to their well-known moniker “the First State” for the first time in decades.

The power of the free market should completely reside in the hands of Delaware’s up-and-coming pioneers and innovators, not within the fruitless chambers of Legislative Hall. As the proud daughter of an entrepreneur and former small business owner, I’ve accomplished my own interpretation of the American dream long sought after by generations of industrious, skillful, gracious immigrants, just like my parents.

Lee adores hard-working individuals from all backgrounds who are ambitious to make a name for themselves — with his leadership, all Delawareans will have a chance at unprecedented economic prosperity and personal liberty for generations to come.

Don’t be afraid to take a chance and challenge the status quo — if you’re looking for change, come have a seat at the table. If you’re a dreamer and a doer, come join the Delaware Republican Party.

Please vote for Lee Murphy to be your nextU.S. congressman from Delaware.

Gloria Ruci