Letter to the Editor: Sussex council candidate seeks your vote

We are moving on to the Nov. 3 general election and I am on the ballot to be the Sussex County councilman representing the 3rd District. I have had the honor to walk and visit over 4,000 homes over the past few months, and we continue to visit with the many families of the district. We live in a wonderful, vibrant and diverse area of our state. I will work just as hard to protect and preserve our way of life as I do in our community.

While visiting with you, we have discussed what we can do to help solve transportation issues, manage growth appropriately, support first responders and police, and keep taxes low. I have listened and learned about our communities’ needs and wishes.

I will responsibly and aggressively manage our growth and the developers building in the district. The County Council made a momentous step toward putting transportation improvement districts in place to help fix our roads recently, much in part through Councilman I.G. Burton’s leadership. I have also proposed that the County Council implement tax increment financing (TIF) around designated development areas. TIFs will require developers to install road and infrastructure at the same time as development occurs, which will be paid for the people buying those homes, not the taxpayers who already live here. TIFs are being used in Millsboro and Bridgeville with great success.

I will continue my life’s work of responsibly protecting sensitive areas along the coast and protecting the environment and wildlife. I have a record of implementing interconnectivity of communities, requiring byways development and recreation improvements for outdoor activities, and I will continue my work on preserving open space and creating more opportunities for preservation.

I continue my work building homes and providing affordable houses for low-income families through the West Rehoboth Community Land Trust. I have a lifetime of service to our community, volunteering at homeless shelters and halfway homes, and I will maintain that service along with my service on County Council.

I look forward to working for you and your families and will continue tirelessly to serve our community. I believe in being proactive and not reactive. I believe in managing developers and aggressively managing development.

You will find my contact information on my website at markforcc.com along with my resume of lifelong service to our state and our community. As always, I am one telephone call away. I look forward to working for you and not for the large developers. Thank you.

Mark G. Schaeffer