Letter to the Editor: Sussex County Council candidate Schaeffer: I will work for you

I am running as the Republican candidate for the 3rd District of Sussex County Council. I ask for your vote and support in the Republican primary Sept. 15.

I have had the honor to walk our County Council district and visit over 3,000 homes during the past couple of months. It is a wonderful experience meeting so many diverse and fabulous people and their families.

We have discussed what we can do to help solve our transportation issues, manage growth appropriately, support our first responders and police, and keep taxes low. I have listened and learned about our communities’ needs and wishes.

I will responsibly manage our growth. I will finally put transportation improvement districts in place to help fix our roads. I support our Emergency Medical Service, our first responders and our police. I will not raise your taxes. The days of reacting to our growth must stop. I will provide proactive results before growth occurs. Our roads are a disaster, and our land planning isn’t far behind. I ask you, “Are we better off with the same old failed leadership or can we do better?” I believe we can do better, and I will deliver solutions that will help resolve our transportation issues, control growth, support EMS and keep taxes low.

I encourage everyone to research TIDs on the internet and on the Delaware Department of Transportation website.

I look forward to solving these issues in my first few months of service and will work tirelessly to achieve these goals. I believe in being proactive and not reactive. I believe in managing developers and aggressively managing growth. I will not raise your taxes.

Please contact me at mgs1777@comcast.net if you have any questions. I ask for your vote Sept. 15. I look forward to working for you and not for the large developers.

Thank you.

Mark G. Schaeffer
Republican candidate for
Sussex County Council District 3