Letter to the Editor: Sussex development has gotten out of control

Dear Sussex County agencies,

I have great concerns about the following issues:

The unabated defoliation and assault on our environment in the Rt 24/Beaver Dam Road and Rt 9 corridors

The rubber stamping by Planning and Zoning and the Sussex County Council is unprecedented. It is reported by DNREC that our waters are polluted, yet building continues right to ground water’s edge as if there are no concerns regarding such building.

Traffic on Rt 24 between Rt 1 and Rt 5 (Longneck Road) is already at a crawl on a good day in the off season. There are plans to install more traffic lights along Rt 24. There are already six traffic lights in place with proposed lights at Sloane Road, Copps Road and the Beebe Campus.

As a resident on Angola Road. the nightmare has already begun, as 314 homes in Middle Creek Preserve have been built where old growth and farmland once stood.

Homeowners in front of the Preserve at Marsh Creek were told they would always have forest behind them because of wetland — that is all gone.

Then, here comes the proposal for a 7-Eleven at the corner of Angola Rd and Rt 24 with two communities planned for development on both sides of Robinsonville Road at that intersection. Once again, infrastructure, water, sewer, buried utilities is all that has been done. The roads remain rural, not capable of handling the future traffic. The proposed widening of Rt 24 sounds great, but how will the bottleneck at the Love Creek Bridge improve the flow of traffic?

The governor has a clean water initiative as well as a land conservation initiative, yet, here in Sussex County, unabated, unchecked development continues, lacking any oversight.

The sign at the construction site of the new hotel across Rt 24 from the Beebe campus states “investing in our future”. Who will profit from this investment?

The “charm” of lower Delaware is quickly eroding into a concrete jungle. It’s time to slow down and look at what’s been done to this once beautiful place to vacation and/or call home.

Henry Clum