Letter to the Editor: Sussex farmlands preserved, thanks to many

Sussex County Administrator Todd Lawson recently announced a purchase of the farmland wedged between the Sarah Run and Chapel Branch waterways off Del. 24 that feeds into Herring Creek, a tributary of the Inland Bays. The purchase could not have been realized without the many who cared to preserve the environmental assets of Sussex County for its many current residents and the generations to come.

Many thanks go to the whole body of the Sussex County Council for approving this purchase, especially Councilmen Irwin G. Burton III and Douglas B. Hudson, who took the initiative and pursued it; Chris Bason of the Center for the Inland Bays, who recognized the ecological value of this strategic location and recommended it to the County Council; and the Dickson and Riley families, who desired to preserve their treasured family land.

As this parcel is studied for the best way to be preserved and utilized for the public’s good, I hope their names will be remembered with this land. Along with the prior purchase of Jones Farm in the wellhead protection area, this type of collaboration should be taught and celebrated at schools as an example of what well-intentioned public officials and private citizens can do for the future of the county we call home. I hope this will inspire our young ones, the heirs to our county, to take the baton and continue the work of preserving our environmental assets as they become the future leaders of our county.

Eul Lee