Letter to the Editor: Take a close look at Trump’s policies

It’s amazing that in Col. Frank Daniels’ letter (“Take a good look at Biden’s plans,” Sept. 14), he discusses policies espoused by Joe Biden as being those put forth by other Democrats — as if that in and of itself would be a fault — but he never mentions any policy of the current occupant of the highest office in the land. Could it be, Colonel, that there are none you want to bring out into the light of day?

President Donald Trump accepts interference by other countries in our elections and has no policy to deal with it. Trump destroys the U.S. Postal Service for political purposes, but he offers no solution to what he calls its problems. Trump has no idea why his personal political policy of “love” toward Kim Jong Un failed. Trump urges destruction, vigilantism and white supremacy, but ignores bounties placed on soldiers’ heads and refuses to mention it to Vladimir Putin. Trump does not care if people attending his rallies get sick and ignores the stated recommendations of his administration’s scientists to wear masks.

You claim Biden’s policies will “spend, spend, spend.” But the national debt under Trump is greater than ever, while his millionaire friends receive huge tax benefits. Unemployment is horrible, yet Trump’s policy is to cut unemployment benefits.

Col. Daniels, you support Trump, who called your fellow patriots in uniform “suckers” and “losers” and will never admit John McCain’s heroism and devotion to country. Do you accept Trump’s failure to serve and his treatment of veterans?

Finally, Colonel, I am not sure you even know what “socialism” means, the way you throw the word around. The U.S. will never become a socialist nation, but it is leaning toward fascism under Trump.

Paul Moliken