Letter to the Editor: Thank vets by supporting country over party

As I sit here thinking about today’s Veterans Day celebration, I look back 53 years.

The draft was still in effect, and I would have to sign up. I decided to enlist in the Marine Corps instead. At the start of my six years of service, I swore to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. At 18, I thought that meant stopping the spread of communism. Now, 53 years later, I find the enemies are domestic.

A once-steadfast political party has gone off-course — suppressing the right to vote, denying election results, interfering with the peaceful transfer of power.

All our vets have, over these many years, shed their blood, and some have given their lives to preserve this system of government.

So next time you want to thank a veteran for their service, show them by supporting country over party.

Gene Vanderwende