Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Drago for stepping up for Sussex

Thanks to Patricia “Patti” Drago for having the courage to step up as a write-in candidate, so we actually have a competitive race in Sussex County Council’s 3rd District! Patti is a highly qualified candidate who has no party affiliation and no connections to special interests, developers or builders. Her priority is to serve the citizens of the 3rd District. She is knowledgeable about the issues facing both our district and our county and has thoughtful positions on responsible growth, improved roads, natural-resource protection and economic development.

Please look at the background and experience of both candidates, and I am sure you will agree that Patti Drago is the best choice for District 3. To learn more about Patti and her platform, you can visit her website at pattidrago.com. Let’s not accept a default candidate now that we have an outstanding alternative who will add strength and depth to Sussex County Council.

As you can imagine, Patti is at a disadvantage at the ballot box, because she is a write-in candidate — her name does not appear on the ballot. To vote for Patti if you mail in your ballot, go to the Sussex County Council District 3 section of the ballot and find the write-in selection space directly below the name of Patti’s opponent. In that space, you need to write in her full name, Patricia Drago, and fill in the bubble beside where you have written her name. At the polls Nov. 3, press the write-in space under Sussex County Council District 3, type in Patricia Drago, and then press accept.

Again, I encourage everyone to compare the candidates for Sussex County Council 3rd District, and I firmly believe that, after making that comparison, you will be writing Patricia Drago’s name on your ballot.

Jan Allmaras