Letter to the Editor: ‘The Fight’

Broadcasting all over television for the whole world to see, the atrocities that is happening to brothers who look like me

There is black on black

Cops on black

Many on crack

The church is diligently in prayer against the attacks

But it is going to take us all in this fight to win our streets back

Day after day and night after night another black brother has lost his life

Some by gun and some by knife but too many by those who are sworn to protect life

From the dust of Brown vs. the Board of Education and the first day of school for the Little Rock Nine, it is disheartening to see that inequality in education is still separated by lines

Lines of poverty, Lines of race, Lines of economic despair

People are left wondering does anyone really care and asking the question like Marvin Gaye

“What’s going on”

Politicians proclaiming there will be a change but election after election things remain the same

Mothers are crying, Teachers are trying

Politicians are lying, AND our young black brothers are still dying

Whether you are Gay or Straight

Black or White

Liberal or Conservative

Republican or Democrat

Protestant or Catholic

Methodist or Pentecostal

Left or right

The reality is we are all in this fight

Fight for equality

Fight for peace

Fight for liberty and justice for all

Time is up for casting blame we all feel the pain and share in the shame

But we need to keep on walking, keep on talking, keep on pursuing until peace, liberty and justice for all mankind is obtained.

William Albert Grimes Jr.