Letter to the Editor: The party of losers

When our president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, was running as a Republican in 2016, he claimed that at one point there would be so much winning we would ask him to please stop.

Now almost 3 years into his administration unemployment is down, new jobs are up, illegal cross-border crossings are down, elimination of terrorist leaders is up, and new negotiated trade agreements putting the interests of America first abound.

You get the picture: “Promises made, promises kept.”

In contrast, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently appeared to proclaim after the acquittal of President Trump by the U. S. Senate of both impeachment charges that the Democrats will continue to pursue their agenda of heretofore repeated losing and fruitless acts of partisan resistance.

Clearly, under Speaker Pelosi’s failed leadership the Democrat party will continue to solidify the well-earned reputation as the party of losers.

While many American taxpayers would like to see the end of wasting money on meaningless resistance to all things Trump and have our U.S. Congress get back to work, the Democrat leaders refuse to get back to an agenda of solving the many problems of the United States of America for whom the have been sworn to serve.

It appears the mantra of the Democrat leadership has become “We will continue to lose and will not stop because our supporters are not tired of losing!”

Dave Graham