Letter to the Editor: Theatre of the absurd

Impeachment followed by conviction of our current occupant of the White House should be a no-brainer. The president and his sycophants are guilty of a coverup far surpassing that of the Watergate inquiry. Nixon handed over all the taped conversations he had, while Trump’s cohorts ”edited out” his abuse of power directives to President Zelensky on his July 25 recorded telephone conversation. How else could he have declared that it was a “perfect call?” You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.

Five prominent government witnesses at the impeachment inquiry had the same complaint that the whistleblower had. They were all ordered by the White House not to appear. Instead, they obeyed their co-equal branch of government congressional subpoenas and bravely testified to the truth and nothing but the truth under oath putting loyalty to their country over party.

Are we to believe these witnesses were, previously to the hearings, told to report to a theatre to rehearse their roles for the upcoming hearings? Conversely, the “theatre of the absurd” instead took ownership on the other side of the aisle “whose only defense” was to try to discredit the accounts of these honorable witnesses.

Truth be told was that Democratic presidential aspirant, Joe Biden, was polling nationally 10 points better than the president, leading to big-time worries in the White House. They had to find a way to bring him down. Requesting a foreign power to accomplish their mission to find dirt on Mr. Biden and thereby interfere in our elections was a violation of our constitutional principles. Mr, Biden, in his role as vice president, had already been cleared years earlier of any wrongdoing for co-leading a delegation to fire a very corrupt Ukrainian official.

Never mind that principles do not matter to the right-wing conservatives in our government concerned only with holding onto their status and power by “any means necessary.”

Bill Clemens
Rehoboth Beach