Letter to the Editor: There are words to describe Trump’s actions: attempted coup

“We have no words to describe what’s happening with the election” was what a major network analyst said recently.

He was referring to all the shenanigans by Donald Trump to bring lawsuits trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election, all his efforts to coerce several states’ election officials to uncertify election results already legally certified and all the rhetoric about a rigged election or a stolen election.

I have words for it: What is being perpetrated is called an attempted coup. Trump lost the 2020 election by over 7 million votes. He refuses to concede, he continues to attempt to interfere with results by pressuring state election officials and he spreads unsubstantiated rumors of election fraud. The result is an onslaught of lies and conspiracy theories that themselves undermine our democracy. Trump has put into jeopardy our fundamental constitutional standard that we experience the peaceful transfer of power.

What concerns me is that all these actions add up to an attempt by Trump to undo the results of the 2020 election and seize power without having been elected by the American people. Let’s call it what it is and protect ourselves against Trump’s attempted coup.

Bruce Dalleo