Letter to the Editor: To the residents of 15th District

My husband, Dave Lawson, is currently the state senator for the 15th District and running for reelection. I am very proud of the job he has done and continues to do every single day.

Dave has, literally, spent his entire adult life in service to his country and his community. From combat service in Vietnam to the Milford Police Department, as a Delaware state trooper and a volunteer firefighter in Harrington, Dave has continually demonstrated his commitment and his willingness to put his life on the line in service to others. He has also spent 18 years as a small business owner. He has lived and worked in Delaware since 1969.

His commitment has only grown stronger since he was first elected in 2010. The recent trials we have all faced due to the pandemic have been reflected in the overwhelming number of calls and emails he has received since this began in March. Dave has spent countless hours on the phone, offering everything from comfort to those who have lost loved ones or who can’t visit them to assistance for people in navigating the benefits process due to shutdowns and closures. He has taken food and other necessities to elderly neighbors and run errands for people who couldn’t. He has tried, sometimes against strong pushback, to get answers to the questions that people are asking. He has done whatever it takes to get help for his constituents and, quite honestly, any Delaware residents who have needed it. I have never seen him turn down a request for help.

Dave has and always will be an outspoken advocate for the residents of Delaware. He is not interested in playing political games or shying away from the truth should the truth be unpopular. He is not running a campaign against an opponent. He is running for an office to serve the citizens of Delaware to the best of his ability, and he feels strongly that our government is one by the people and for the people.

Whether you agree with him on the issues or not, you will not find a more hardworking, forthright and honest man. We are living in challenging times under difficult conditions. We are constantly bombarded with information from many different media platforms, and so much of it is conflicting that we are unsure of what to believe. I can offer you one solid constant during these troubling times. On Nov. 3, a vote for Dave Lawson is a vote for a leader who will tell you the truth every single time. And right now, that is a rare and precious thing.

Donna Lawson