Letter to the Editor: Torres for Camden mayor

I am happy to write on behalf of Tracy Torres, current councilwoman and vice mayor of the town of Camden. Tracy is a candidate for mayor in the Feb. 29 town elections. I believe Tracy would make a very fine mayor and I encourage all voters to give her your most serious consideration.

I have known Tracy for several years, having worked with her on many issues important to Camden residents while I served in the State Senate.

On all of those issues, Tracy could routinely be counted on to do the right thing for the residents of the town, even if it meant ruffling some feathers. She was strong in her advocacy of the people. She always did her homework. She studied the issues and she understood the issues. And then, she took action on the issues. She is a positive thinker and a doer. She gets things done.

Tracy Torres has consistently demonstrated a fundamental commitment to the well being of Camden and to its residents. She has a passion for doing the right thing for her constituents. She is a great candidate for mayor.

Brian Bushweller
Former State Senator, 17th District