Letter to the Editor: Traffic woes in Dover

Another recent project in Dover has added additional headaches to motorists traveling through our fair city. The addition of a two-way bicycle path on Division Street (Route 8) at the railroad tracks has definitely hindered the flow of traffic and created a safety issue. The loss of a paved improved shoulder lane along with vehicle parking adjacent to the auto repair business has created nothing but a nightmare.

It must have been the same engineer that redesigned the North State Street/Walker Road intersection. Have you tried traveling through there when all the workers dismiss for the evening? Good luck.

Enough of that, back to Division Street. Since the enhancements, there is no improved shoulder or roadway to pull over to. Just recently witnessed fire trucks heading westbound to an emergency and the cars had no place to pull over and yield.

Forgot to point out the loss of another travel lane going west at Weston Drive. Have you noticed the traffic stacking up clean back to New Street? Reminds me of race weekend years ago.

Please don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against bicyclists. But the last time I checked they contribute absolutely nothing toward the maintenance of the state’s roadways. I certainly hope that the taxes we pay to the state for gasoline were not used for this project. Because I can certainly show you plenty of other uses the money could have been used for.

Travel north on Kenton Road, in particularly near Denneys Road, and look at all the asphalt missing in chunks.

Terry Whitham