Letter to the Editor: Trees important to Dover

Trees are in it for the long haul.  Dover should be, too. 

Residents Kathleen Doyle and Susan Yost know their science and their city. Trees clean our air and water, shade our bodies, nourish our souls. 

And they just could save the planet. 

 Do they sometimes interfere with lighting or sidewalks?  Yes.  But maybe the fix is with the lights and the sidewalks, not the trees. 

There are alternatives.  Sidewalks don’t have to be made of impervious and inflexible concrete or brick.  Sidewalks can curve around roots. Lights can be relocated. 

Sure, there’s a present cost.  But there’s a long-term gain in a more livable, beautiful, healthful city.

Look down the road, Dover.  Do you want to see a potted plant or a native willow oak?

Fran Riddle