Letter to the Editor: Trump ‘does not merit one more month’

Just in case some of you have forgotten, let me remind you how Donald Trump came to be named president of the United States.

Remember, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. However, that unnecessary and outmoded Electoral College system, using the old “formula” for counting votes, arrived at Donald Trump.

Trump has no political background or experience in running a government. Yes, he ran a financial “empire,” most of which he has run into the ground with bankruptcies. He doesn’t seem to grasp the difference between an empire and a government that is by the people and for the people. He does seem well-versed in the art of firing employees who do not agree 100% with his decisions, despite the effects his decisions would have on the citizens of our country.

Now, Trump is so fearful of not winning reelection, he is doing all he can to see that all anti-Trump votes will not be counted. By controlling the Postal Service, Trump hopes to steal the election. He has already told us he plans on fighting if the votes are not in his favor. Why is he building a barricade around the White House, the people’s house? Is he preparing for a standoff?

Is he, by any standard, the man to be president? This man has no qualities that would lend themselves to what a true leader is!

No, no, Trump does not merit even one more month in office.

Gloria Bakin