Letter to the Editor: Trump squandered a great opportunity, his presidency

The majority of the American people have spoken loudly, clearly and decisively to President Donald Trump! We do not want to play with you for another four years. The good Lord blessed you with the opportunity and the responsibility of the presidency of the United States. Even though you really didn’t deserve the opportunity. However, God blesses us with opportunities, even if we don’t deserve it. Why? The reason is that he is a God of chances. Chances to do right by all people and not just for our own selfish motives.

Trump was given the opportunity to put all the American people first, ahead of his own needs. He was blessed with the opportunity to unify and bring us closer together as Americans, to show that he isn’t who the vast majority of America already knew who was! Trump blew the opportunity he was blessed with!

He is worse than a toddler when they don’t get their way. We can thank his father, Fred Trump, for the way Donald Trump is today. Trump was taught by his father to never apologize, never take responsibility for anything and never show any signs or weaknesses. This was evident when Trump and his wife were infected with COVID-19. All he talked about was himself and how he was doing. Not once did he ever mention his wife, how she was doing or how she was feeling. Not once!

The majority of the American people have seen this, along with all his other selfish acts, and decided to stop playing with him! I’m not even going to waste my time talking about all of Trump’s selfish and divisive acts. His record speaks for itself. Not just his whole presidency; we can just look at 2020 as the final indictment on Trump! This is why he cannot accept defeat and do the right thing by conceding so America can have a peaceful and cooperative transition of administrations.

Trump cannot fight democracy or the will of the majority of the American people. For those people who supported and voted for Trump, here is some reality for you to marinate on: Donald Trump lost, he lost fair and square. He lost the popular vote by 6 million votes, and he lost the Electoral College 306-232. That’s reality for all you Trump supporters. Accept it and move on!

As for Donald Trump, he needs to do the same thing. Stop it, Donald, just stop it! Nobody wants to play with you four more years! So please, take your ball and go home … now!

Francis A. Bethel III