Letter to the Editor: Trump’s background brings results

The election is fast approaching, and the outcome will determine where this country will go. If we stay with President Donald Trump, we will have more people working, higher wages and more opportunities.

And why? Because President Trump is a businessman. He did not spend his entire life at the government trough. He understands how big business works and how to negotiate with people. The stock market has been over the top many times in the past four years.

For those who dislike and complain about President Trump, give back all the growth that your individual retirement accounts and 401(k)s have gained over the past four years and live on what Barack Obama and Joe Biden gave you. If Mr. Biden gets in, you will only have him for a short while, and then you will have to contend with his running mate (who destroyed him during the Democratic debates), along with Nancy Pelosi and the four women of the apocalypse. They have voted for every abortion bill that came their way. They are in favor of higher taxes but only for the rich. They are the rich, and do you think that they are that stupid to tax themselves and all their friends in Washington?

The Democrats are talking about gearing up for the next impeachment of President Trump, which means more lies, more trumped-up charges, more dossiers paid for by the Democratic National Committee, more Russia collusion, etc. The media will never go after Mr. Biden about his involvement with the Ukraine government for his son, Hunter, who received millions of dollars for knowing nothing and doing nothing and yet sat on the board.

Mr. Biden talks about the health care that he and Obama gave the American people. Wow. We found out later that you could not keep the same doctor in most cases, and then the premiums skyrocketed, along with the deductibles.

If you want to live like those in Russia or Venezuela or China, then I would suggest that you move with a one-way ticket. The majority of Americans love their freedom and the opportunities that the United States offers every American.

One last thing: Did the DNC condemn the riots, burning, destruction of property, takeover of police departments and murdering of innocent people, including police officers? Why? Because they condone it. Many of them support it through Black Lives Matter (really? I thought all lives matter). Just take a good, hard look at Chicago, Baltimore, New York, etc., all controlled by Democrats.

John Gondeck
Denton, Maryland