Letter to the Editor: Trump’s disrespect for military personnel

Perhaps the president’s approval ratings among active duty military personnel would not continue slipping if he were not so critical of their efforts to protect us from foreign and domestic enemies.  

He has earned his increasing disapproval ratings for the following reasons:

1.   Sen. John McCain: Called out as a “loser” by President Trump because he lost the 2008 presidential election, was a prisoner of war, and voted to save Obamacare.  Perhaps President Trump believes only the more financially well-off should have access to health care. As payback, the late senator was not honored by protocol by lowering the flag to half-mast after he passed away. 

2.  Gen. James Mattis:  Nicknamed “mad dog,” the retired four-star General resigned his post as our Secretary of Defense due to foreign policy differences after President Trump impulsively pulled our troops out of Syria.  Consequently, the Kurdish forces we were supporting against ISIS were overrun and slaughtered by Turkish forces who had the door opened for them.  Gen. Mattis advised “that he had no choice but to resign.” 

3. Top military officials:  Ridiculed as “losers and a bunch of dopes and babies,” by the President due to their lack of success in recent wars. He declared he would not go to war with them.  Why would he, after previously securing five deferments including a bruised heel that his doctor gave him a sick note for during the Vietnam war. 

     Is this President’s example really the “revised professional code of conduct” leaders of the free world are now expected to honor and respect? Come on now. There is not an excuse for anyone, least of all our President, to be disrespectful of our military personnel and other human beings, who toil diligently around the clock trying to live harmoniously together in a united effort to create a more prosperous and peaceful world.

We have to give respect to get respect! 

Bill Clemens
Rehoboth Beach