Letter to the Editor: Trump’s Flynn pardon doesn’t follow the law

This is another stark reminder of what a loose cannon Donald Trump is.

 I happen to specialize in applications for pardons, and Michael Flynn does not even qualify to apply for a pardon using the normal process. According to the rules for applying, one must have been out of custody or off probation for at least five years before even applying Rule 3, except for good causes shown. There hardly can be any “good cause” for Flynn, who admitted his crimes to two different judges. But no, it seesms that no normal process is needed because Trump abuses his pardon power by pardoning his political buddies.

This sends a terrible and troubling message: It is OK to lie to the FBI about national security matters; there will be no serious consequences for this crime!

Trump no doubt will pardon more of his cronies before he is gone, but thank God that he will be gone and incapable of doing such harm to one of our most cherished and respected worldwide principles: the rule of law.

Ken Abraham
Former deputy attorney general