Letter to the Editor: Trump’s record no comparison to Biden’s

Letter to the Editor: Current president’s record is no comparison to Biden’s

I quote from a Letter to the Editor published in the State News (“Sign owner stands against Biden,” Sept. 24):  “I’m almost 68 years old and have lived in Delaware all of my life (except three years in the Army). I had to live through Biden’s 50-some years in office. More people should take a better look at Joe.”

I have taken a look at Joe Biden’s record over the 50 years he has been serving the public and compare it to the three years our current president has been in office. This letter writer wants to make a comparison? Really? There is no contest.

Joe has served his country with great pride. The current president, and several members of his party and advisers, should be in jail.

Thinking that our current president is doing a good job is delusional. It is interesting that some letters supporting our current president come from retired service members. Although I admire them for serving their country, perhaps their admiration for this president is misguided. He is leading our country down the road to destruction.

Jim Berrigan