Letter to the Editor: U.S. must face its environmental issues

On Nov. 19 my husband and I attended the hearing at Indian River High School to learn more about the proposed wind farm and the transmission station that might be located in Fenwick State Park.

The crowd expressed disapproval for the project, and due to little leadership, the meeting lacked organization. The over-60 crowd was rowdy, shouting out their opposition as well as other individuals rambling on about their life history for 10 minutes or more. Regrettably there was little direction, such as limiting comments to two minutes or encouraging audience members to express other concerns.

While I understand their affection for “their park,” this older audience failed to consider how the wind farm might help mitigate periodic issues with flooding, such as Del. 1 being underwater, a topic audience members mentioned several times. Younger folks, folks under 60, who will bear the brunt of rising tides, failed to attend.

However, the necessity for the U.S. to move away totally from fossil fuels will require us to make sacrifices to help mitigate the climate emergency the world faces.

Kit Zak

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