Letter to the Editor: Undecided voter speaks up

To qualify, let me first state that I am a senior who has voted in many presidential elections. The last time I actually voted for the candidate was for John F. Kennedy, not because he was a Democrat but because I thought he was a great man. As it turned out, maybe he wasn’t as great as I thought at the time.

All my other presidential votes, including the most recent, were against the other candidate.

My point here is: Even if you don’t prefer one candidate over the other (which is unlikely), go ahead and vote against the candidate you disfavor most.

Frankly, I’m disheartened to see these two men are the best candidates our country can provide. So I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I will definitely vote. I think a lot of stuff is going to hit the thing between now and Election Day, which should make it easier to choose.

This comment also applies to the rest of the people running for local office.

William B. King