Letter to the Editor: Unemployment: What is going on?

Even though the state of Delaware reported that it started to pay out Pandemic Unemployment Assistance claims May 29,to date, no money has actually been received.

It took the state two months to even set up a system for those claims, then after filing all paperwork and claims, I waited another two weeks to finally see my account updated, and it did in fact say “paid” May 29.

However, after waiting another several days and still seeing nothing in my bank account, I sent an email to the unemployment office asking how long it was going to take to actually receive the funds.

Do you think I ever got a response from the unemployment office? No, to date, nothing! And the phone numbers don’t work either.

The only thing that happened is that the day after I sent my email, I looked at my PUA account again, and everything had been zeroed out! The state then announced that there had been an error.

It is now another week later, and still nothing! What is going on?

I would appreciate an investigation this and reporting the issue, so the public knows. Even though some businesses have started to open back up again, the state is continuing to make self-employed people suffer by not paying what is back-owed to us for the entire mandatory two-month closure.

Michele Stone

EDITOR’S NOTE: Secretary of Labor Cerron Cade said at Friday’s news conference that the state had, as of the latest available data, gotten about 6,400 Pandemic Unemployment Assistance claims and paid about 1,100. The state was doing a test run of sorts with the new system and accidentally notified 3,000 people instead of 300. He said the agency is working on the issue and getting people their benefits.