Letter to the Editor: Use your vote to protect Sussex County

I am writing this with my deep concern for the future of Sussex County as a good and safe place to live.

On Sept. 15, the Republican primary election delivered a narrow win for a crucial Sussex County Council seat to one who has not expressed support for the buffer ordinance that is championed by the incumbent to protect wetland buffers. The current Republican candidate seems ready to protect the small number of owners of big land but not the rights of many more small property owners, like you and me. New Castle and Kent both have adopted wetland buffers of 100 feet. Why is it that Sussex only has 30 feet when we are most certainly at a lower elevation?

This will be the beginning of future decisions that are not considerate of a safe and beautiful area to live in. Affordable housing is necessary, but it has to be paired with plans for emergency evacuation and proper infrastructure, such as schools, fire/emergency medical services and traffic situations.

Is there anything the voters can do?

Thankfully, Patti Drago, filed to be a write-in candidate.

Patti decided to take this risk, as a write-in with no backing of any party, because she evaluated the detrimental alternative for Sussex County.

When the pandemic hit the country, halting the economy, Patti jumped in to help set up an organization, ccc4covid.org, to deal with the COVID-19-related crisis. In addition to mapping out food banks and shelters, she promoted high-speed internet throughout Sussex to ensure that kids have access to remote learning. Then, she reached out to the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Delaware Emergency Management Agency to prepare for future emergency situations.

Patti is practical and effective in her approach to solve problems and is a detailed researcher. Patti’s organizational and managerial skills, along with her care for people, attest to her earlier success as an insurance company executive, looking after 4,000 employees and their families.

We must get Patti to the Sussex council by writing “Patti Drago” on the ballot. Please visit pattidrago.com to see how to do this.

Fran Tomkowid