Letter to the Editor: Vote for a game changer Tuesday

Former liberal Democratic U.S. senator and 1972 presidential candidate George McGovern retired and pursued a lifelong dream: to own a hotel business. He wrote about his experience as a businessowner in a 1992 Wall Street Journal article titled, “A Politician’s Dream Is a Businessman’s Nightmare.”

Two quotes from McGovern’s article: “I also wish that during the years I was in public office, I had this firsthand experience about the difficulties businesspeople faced every day” and “In short, one-size-fits-all rules for business ignore the reality of the marketplace.”

If you look at our current Delaware elected officials, whatever their intentions, their real-life business experience is lacking. This lack of experience shows in their decisions in the current pandemic. One-size-fits-all rules and defining which businesses are essential have been damaging to the small businesses they deemed nonessential.

On Aug. 11, Julianne Murray proposed the Delaware Small Business Bill of Rights. Murray, the founder of Murray Law LLC in Georgetown and the state Republican-endorsed candidate for governor, proposes 11 rights for Delaware small businesses. They include equal treatment for small businesses and big-box stores, specific timelines to allow for fixing broken laws without fear of fines or penalties and time for small businesses to adjust to new regulations.

Julianne brings a small businessperson’s perspective that even McGovern, a liberal Democratic senator-turned-businessman, would agree with.

It’s time in Delaware for a game changer. To learn more about Julianne Murray and the Delaware Small Business Bill of Rights, go to murrayfordelaware.com. Please vote for Julianne Murray in the state primary Tuesday.

Stephanie Steckel
Former teacher, small businessowner, Delaware immigrant