Letter to the Editor: Vote for forward-looking representation

People of the 15th Senatorial District: Our Senate seat and district are not for sale at any price.

Please be advised that our incumbent senator is not deserving of another term.

He is affixed to the past, unable to evolve in dealing with our present serious problems.

Constituent services is something he has failed me and another handicapped senior I know. I have lymphoma and other permanent medical conditions. Sen. David Lawson never returned phone calls when we were needing his help.

The incumbent has had eight years to help protect our aquifers from the serious problem facing them. We must have clean drinking water, and the supply is decreasing.

I was shocked to know that Sen. Lawson only raised $24,000 for his campaign, but that his mailings are paid for by a supermarket magnate. That seems to be unethical to me. How can honest candidates compete in a democracy?

Apparently, he feels immune to any blowback. People of the 15th Senatorial District do not have to put up with that.

Let us turn the page on people who are stuck in the past, deceptive and self-serving. We need a fresh face who cares, in a holistic way, about our community, all its citizens and the many serious problems facing Delaware.

Albert Jackson