Letter to the Editor: Vote to protect environment

I am worried about Delaware’s future — are you?

Did Tropical Storm Isaias affect you? I saw flooding in Bethany Beach, Long Neck, Fenwick Island, Selbyville — downed trees all over. And then, a tornado that went 29 miles from Dover north, destroying homes and landscapes. And this was a tropical storm, not a hurricane!

What’s the cause? We have warmer air temperatures and ocean temperatures than any other year on record, higher ocean and bay water levels, higher carbon dioxide levels. Yet the Trump administration has changed 64 regulations that were meant to protect our environment.

The result:

∙ Weakened car and truck fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards.

∙ Revoked previous protections to preserve our coast, our oceans and Great Lakes.

∙ Cut back water-pollution protections for wetlands and tributaries that would reduce pollutants at sewage-treatment plants.

∙ Weakened clean-water acts.

∙ Allowed the Environmental Protection Agency to issue permits for federal projects over state objections.

The result of this deregulation is the slow destruction of Delaware as we know it.

We need to use our vote to affect our future. A vote for Joe Biden is a vote to protect our environment. Our future depends on it!

Patricia Galu
Ocean View