Letter to the Editor: Voting by mail and its headaches

Democrats think this absentee ballot thing will be their silver bullet to kill the Trump presidency. Like everything else they have tried, this will also backfire in their faces. Here is why.

President Donald Trump wins by a landslide, and it did not work.

Trump loses and contests the vote. After checking a few mail-ins, fraud will be easily found, making every mail-in in every state suspect. Now, we have a long, drawn-out recount and check on every mail-in, and we all know each vote can be checked very easily. Might take three months or a lot more. Who knows? It might take years. In the meantime, back at the White House, Trump will stay.

Boom, Democrats lose again.

Possible fraud? The mailman sees the Trump sign in the yard and tosses the ballots. The two people in charge of counting the mail-ins fudge the count. Someone registers their dead relative and votes for them. And so many more ways.

Bring it on. In the end, it’s just more fuel for the Trump train.

Jay Pratt