Letter to the Editor: Voting by mail is not the way to go

I agree with Dan Cannon and his commentary on the need to get more/all citizens registered to vote. I believe every legal citizen has the duty to vote in elections.

Where I differ from him is in the belief that we should open the elections to more absentee ballots. If elections are vital to the individual, they will find a way to get to the polls and vote in person. There should be very few exceptions to this.

Also, I believe that voter ID is imperative to the process. Recently, my wife received the forms in the mail asking if she would prefer an absentee ballot rather than showing up at the polls to vote. It appears this mailing only went out to registered Democrat and Republican voters. I, being a registered independent, don’t qualify for this important process. Something to do with we independents being low poop in the pile.

My issue with this system is that, as an independent thinker, I don’t need a party telling me how and what I should stand for. Therefore, the state allowing only Democrats and Republicans to vote in the primary doesn’t allow the independents to vote for the candidate of their choice. It may be a Democrat, or it may be a Republican, our decision, our choice. I have voted for Democrats, Republicans and independents in past elections, based of who I think would do the best job, not who’s in a political party.

Recent news reports, none in Delaware, have shown multiple absentee ballots going out to the same address. These ballots, in some reports, are to people who haven’t lived at the address for more than five years. Who’s to say that the current resident doesn’t send all the absentee ballots back and skew the outcome of the election?

Not possible, you say? In the 2016 election, San Diego County in California had voter registration of 138%. Yep, 811,000 more voters than the actual population. Practically all absentee. No voter fraud there. In the United States, there are 3.5 million more voters than we have live voters (snopes.com). No voter fraud there.

You want to make voting fair, do away with absentee ballots except for very rare circumstances and insist on voter ID laws. You need identification for practically anything you do anymore. Cash a check, buy liquor, cigarettes, enter into many state and federal buildings, and to fly. If the state were truly worried about its residents voting, they would cover the cost for all citizens to go to the local Division of Motor Vehicles office and get an official identification card. You lose it, the next one’s on you. Go to the polls without it, sorry. We’ve done all we can except take you by the hand to the polling location and press the button for you.

Jerry Clifton