Letter to the Editor: Wake-up call needed before election

As we see the 2020 election unfold, it is time to give some of you people a wake-up call.

We have now lost more people to the coronavirus than we lost in World War I, Korea and Vietnam combined. From a Delaware perspective, we have now lost the entire populations of Wilmington, Dover, Milford, Seaford, Newark and Rehoboth Beach (in the summer season). All we hear is this excuse of a man say that it is going to go away. He knows nothing of science and has no plan to help the American people. Anyone who talks of injecting disinfectant andpushes drugs that create heart problems has no clue what he is doing. He continues to hold superspreader events, putting more lives at risk.

As California faces the worst fires in its history, this man rescinded any aid. Then, when congressmen threw a fit, he reversed himself, as he does all the time. Since he is so smart, he should know that 58% of the forestland in California is federally owned and up to the federal government to maintain. Most of these fires have started on federal land.

With so many people out of work, why not bring back the Civilian Conservation Corps? I guess his next move will be to deny needed aid to our Gulf Coast states for hurricane damage, just like he did Iowa after the tornadoes caused loss of so much of their crops.

People have stood by while he takes money from military housing to construct his already breached border wall. Less than 300 miles have been constructed so far, and billions have been spent, a bottomless pit and waste of money.

He has rolled back well over 100 environmental regulations. So when you can’t breathe, you have no clean water, and your beachfront property is underwater from the rising oceans, you have no one to blame but yourselves for abetting this man. Right now, our islands in the Chesapeake Bay are disappearing. Ask residents of Smith Island, Deal Island or Tangier Island how long they are going to be able to live in their homes.

All we have heard for four years is name-calling, racist rants, disrespect for our military and the ever-constant march toward fascism from this man. If you don’t know what fascism is, you darn well better look at the dictionary. He has ignored our counterintelligence agencies, our scientists and our military advisers. The lies told by this man number in the tens of thousands. He has run roughshod over the Hatch Act and the Emoluments Clause of our Constitution.

If you have listened to him speak, you know there appears to be issues, him wanting to lock up or kill anyone who disagrees with him to ranting about toilets in his rally in Nevada. It is questionable if he even had COVID-19, as what doctor in his right mind would let him ride around in a sealed vehicle, possibly infecting the others in the car? And what was that trip to Walter Reed last year, where doctors were asked to sign nondisclosure agreements?

And if you are nearing retirement or already retired, you better really look at what doing away with the payroll tax would mean: the end of Social Security in two years and the end of Medicare. Can you stay above poverty with your savings and can you pay all the medical bills as you age?

If we expect this country to ever recover from what appears to be an illiterate tyrant, then it is time to make changes. Let’s bring respect back to this country and our government. Let’s put America and all its people ahead of the destruction this man has caused.

Doris W. Draper