Letter to the Editor: We need truth, not ‘that’s close enough’

When we are growing up, we are told to tell the truth about all situations and events that we encounter. We pass these truths and ethics on to our children, hoping that we can guide them into a life of reality and that they will live a better life with the truth that they speak and live.

I believe that we want to hear the truth from our offspring, our spouses and our government. We now accept whatever might be the truth as the truth and, in some cases, without checking or questioning the origin of what we have been told.

Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” and we “the people” need to ask this same question when those of authority tell us what they say are true facts. In any important projects that we work on, we do not use measurements and say, “That’s close enough,” and if we have mandates that affect our lives, we need the true factual measurement.

Lester Gibbs