Letter to the Editor: Wear masks for protection

The best thing right now is when you’re out and around people, everyone should wear a mask. This helps protect you and others until they come up with a coronavirus vaccine, and even then, you might get it just like the flu.

The most important thing I think all states should do is let everyone have the test even before any symptoms occur. In doing this, one would find out if they do have it and sooner, and therefore, fewer people might get it. I just don’t understand why our governors haven’t done this.

If you don’t have it this week, then great. But then, next week get another test and hope it stays negative. There are a lot of people getting checked daily who are not in the health care or emergency fields, therefore, all should be tested.

Please wear face masks to protect everyone. And remember, the person you save could be yourself!

Marvin Fortney