Letter to the Editor: What have we learned from the 2016 election?

There are many things that we’ve learned the hard way!

We’ve learned that every vote matters, not the Gallup Polls. We’ve learned that not only does experience in government matter, so does honesty, integrity, intelligence, wisdom, active listening for understanding and, most of all, empathy (being able to understand and relate to another person’s pain)!

We’ve also learned that being responsible and accountable does matter, especially during a crisis. We’ve learned that being united is better than being divided. We’ve learned that love and compassion for all people matter, and they will defeat power and selfishness. We’ve learned we cannot take our voting privileges for granted, and to exercise our right to vote, whether by mail or by going to the polls.

We’ve learned that we need to vote in this election more than any other election in history. We’ve learned that the true majority (and not some stupid map) needs to show up and show out, so we don’t have to deal with four more years of where we are now!

This pandemic is a prime example of why we can’t just put anyone off the street in the White House. Experience really does matter. Just take a look at how we are so divided during this pandemic. It just doesn’t make any sense at all as to where we are as a nation!

I’m not going to throw a lot of stones in this letter. The truth is I really don’t need to as evidence is there for all of us to see, even the ones who don’t want to see what’s going on. It’s there in front of us all.

Why are we so divided during a pandemic, a pandemic that doesn’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat, or if you’re a red or blue state, or if you’re white or black or young or old? This pandemic has killed more than a hundred thousand people as of this writing. Where is the GOP Party? Where are the true Republicans who used to care about the country and the Constitution? Sen. Mitt Romney is the only senator who has some heart and speaks up. If the Senate doesn’t want to do right by us, then we need to do something about it Nov. 3!

Whether we really want to acknowledge it or not, the staunch reality is that we may all be in this together in regard to the pandemic. However, it’s quite obvious that we are on different ships! It’s time for us to speak loud and clear Nov. 3, so that this nation can start to heal in 2021.

Francis A. Bethel III