Letter to the Editor: Where was Biden during pandemic?

Joe Biden is criticizing Donald Trump’s leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is fair to ask, what did Joe do during the worst times of the crisis last spring?

Did Joe volunteer in a Food Bank line to distribute food to the hungry and unemployed? Did he help homeless shelters serve food to the poor? Did Joe visit hospitals and clinics to support and encourage health care workers as they cared for desperately ill patients? Did he deliver food and encouragement to first responders as they faced an onslaught of emergency calls? Did he visit nursing homes to check on the conditions of the elderly and to advocate for better protection for them during the pandemic? Did he donate a portion of his vast personal wealth to buy masks and protective personal equipment for health care workers?

Did he rally state and local governments and businesses to forge partnerships to address the shortages in PPE and tests? Did he argue for wearing masks last spring? Did he defend small businesses, churches and synagogues during the lockdowns ordered by governors and mayors? Did he contribute ideas for the first stimulus program or rally support for its passage?

If Joe didn’t lead as a private citizen, then why should we believe him as a candidate now?

Paul Gilligan