Letter to the Editor: Who does Lynn represent?

I want to draw our community’s attention to a serious matter concerning Sean Lynn, a member of the Delaware House of Representatives for the 31st District. Sean is up for reelection, but before constituents cast their votes, it is important they reflect on what he represents.

Sean identifies as a progressive Democrat. Although “progressivism” is a broad conviction, many proponents have adopted the progressive label as a disguise — it’s evident to me that Sean actually leans toward Democratic socialism. Given that issues of race are central to the socialist movement, it comes as no surprise that Sean collaborates with people and groups who provoke racial upheaval and social unrest for the sake of “equal justice.”

While Sean is busy pandering to extremists to further his political aspirations, he appears indifferent to the violent crime that has been on the rise at a disturbing rate in his own backyard. The Dover Police Department’s 2019 report reveals that there has been a 28.5% increase in crime since 2018, with murder, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault up over 18% from 2018 to 2019. In Sean’s three terms as representative, the Dover murder/homicide rate has increased each year with the exception of 2016. Mind you, the rate for 2015 rose by an alarming 249.72% from 2014 (macortrends.net). According to areavibes.com, data released by the FBI in September 2019 that reflects the 2018 calendar year, “violent crimes in Dover are 109% higher than the national average.” Not all these violent crimes have occurred within Sean’s district, but crime is certainly more prevalent in the area he represents.

In spite of this alarming trend, Sean continues to push criminal justice reform, which targets a very specific population, while neglecting the rest of the populace of his district. This is a volatile time characterized by social and political discord. Sean’s divisive and race-baiting tactics are contrary to the messaging of “peace” and “equal justice” he leads his constituents to believe he represents. One might even suggest that Sean exploits certain demographics politically to suit his narrative. As violent crime continues to escalate in Sean’s district, he’s busy trying to further his political aspirations, rather than defending the constituents he’s been elected to serve.

Dover is in peril with Sean Lynn representing the 31st District. Let’s take a stand to end this madness by voting Sean Lynn out of power this November!

Erin Greenberg