Letter to the Editor: Why does senator not speak up?

As we approach Election Day, I think the voters of our great state’s 15th Senatorial District should consider something.

By now, I think we all may know that Sen. David Lawson, R-Marydel seems to have aligned himself with U.S. Senatorial candidate Ms. Lauren Wiztke by appearing at the same events with her.

But are voters aware of her beliefs and her peddling of conspiracy theories? In the past week, it has gotten more frantic, and Ms. Witzke has even gone so far as to make statements publicly that could be damaging.

How does this specifically concern the voters of the 15th? Well, to my knowledge, Sen. Dave Lawson has not publicly said that this candidate’s theories and posts are extreme, delusional, inflammatory or hurtful to others.

Are we to take it that if Sen. Lawson has not admonished the peddling of these sort of statements made by Ms. Witzke, that he does not disapprove?

As we, the voters of the 15th, stand on the precipice of the 2020 election, we have a choice to make, and to me, the choice is very clear.

Ricky Shehorn

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