Letter to the Editor: Why I will vote for Chris Coons

I have voted for Chris Coons in each of his elections to the U.S. Senate and will do so again in the state primary Sept. 15. Some of you may have received postcards supporting Chris addressed by me, sitting at my dining room table. Why do I do this? Why do I think Chris should be reelected to represent all Delawareans?

When Chris first ran for the Senate, I voted for him because of his leadership in New Castle County government. Experience like that is critical for a seat in Congress, where laws of national impact are passed.

I have voted for him since then because he continues, as a sitting senator, to show leadership on issues that matter to me: living free of the fear of gun violence, access to quality, affordable health care, protecting our environment, pushing for comprehensive and humane immigration and criminal justice reform. Chris’ natural leadership on issues is underscored by his abiding understanding that our democracy exists to make all our lives better.

Please join me Sept. 15 — or before if you vote by mail or absentee ballot — in voting for Sen. Coons for reelection.

Moira Donoghue