Letter to the Editor: Why Pugh is right for Senate

Craig Pugh is running for the 14th District senatorial seat.

I would like to provide some background on Mr. Pugh.

Who is Craig Pugh?

• He is a fourth-generation resident of Delaware.

• He is a third-generation small businessman.

• He is a third-generation volunteer firefighter at Leipsic Volunteer Fire Co.

• He has been mayor of the town of Leipsic for 18 years.

• He has been a lifelong waterman.

• He has been a hunting safety management consultant.

• He has been a wildlife management consultant.

• He graduated from Dover High School.

• He graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology with a commercial diving certification.

• His son, Matthew, spent seven years in the Coast Guard and is employed at First State Military Academy.

Why is Craig Pugh running?

• He promotes affordable and accessible health care.

• He supports gun rights and the Second Amendment.

• He supports small businesses and small business owners.

• He promotes the conservation and protection of wildlife.

• He promotes the protection of the Delaware Bay’s waters, marshes and the surrounding agricultural land.

• He promotes vocational and technical schools, and local schools.

For more information, visit the website of friendsofcraigpugh.com.

Please vote Nov. 3, 2020.

Rod Accetta