Letter to the Editor: Why Witzke won the primary

Rebuttal to Janice Howlett (“Witzke is not the right choice,” Oct. 22): Since when do liberal-sounding people demand that Republicans throw out a candidate because “she doesn’t believe Republicans” know the candidate?

We don’t answer to you or Jane Brady! We picked her because we are tired of GOP Republicans In Name Only licking the boots of the Democratic socialist machine running Delaware into the ground! I can’t think of a thing Chris Coons has done to stop out-of-control illegals, crime, wasted taxpayers’ money, protecting the rights of the unborn or, in general, making America a better place for Americans at all!

Coons, the “bearded Marxist” born in the very liberal state of Connecticut, has lined his pockets with Big Pharma money, increasing drug addiction in Delaware and making us No. 2 in the nation!

Ms. Howlett, when I was growing up, No. 2 wasn’t the most sought-after thing you wanted to be!

Carles C. Messick III