Letter to the editor: Will Milford see tax increases?

My wife and I have been Milfordians for 23 years. It was interesting reading about the “retreat” the Milford City Council recently had to discuss referendums, new taxes, a new middle school and other subjects that will cost us citizens more money.

We may not have had a recent property tax rate increase, but we have had property reassessments. My last reassessment increase was in the 40% range. Now, with the hiring of a new development expert, more taxpayer money will be needed.

This is only the beginning. Look for increases in taxes for their operating budget, an increase for a new middle school, plus an increase to pay for the new police station.

As to value for my taxes, I am puzzled. I pay separate for city electric, city water, trash pickup and yard waste. So for my tax dollars, I am getting what? The privilege of living in Milford? Snow removal? Police presence?

We do like Milford and its conveniences and amenities. We do worry about our leadership.

Bill Callahan