Letter to the Editor: Will the lights go out in Georgia after Senate runoff?

If the Democrats take the two Senate runoff race elections Jan. 5, we will see an America that has never existed before. The far-left liberals will be chomping at the bit to strengthen their socialistic stance, encouraging President-elect Joe Biden to allow their “free for all” platforms. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her comrades-in-arms want a giant piece of the Biden-Harris Cabinet pie and/or critically important Cabinet positions. Granted, at this point in time, President Donald Trump is continuing to state that 2020 was a rigged election, but so far, no dramatic changes have been proven.

Is it conceivable that the continual conservative losses in the lower court system will allow these charges to eventually be heard in the highest court of the land, the Supreme Court? There is a potentially 6-3 benefit to conservatives that could mean overturning prior results in favor of President Trump. That concept must be most troublesome to the Democrats. No anticipated blue wave, and now, this potential upheaval.

Concerning the upcoming Jan. 5 Senate runoff in Georgia, the Democrats have levied their full-force financial attacks upon Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, which are strongly reinforced by the massive funds being funneled into the Republican candidates’ coffers on a daily basis. Does money truly buy elections? Money talks, and recipients may vote accordingly. If the unthinkable happens and the Republicans lose the Georgia Senate, that will truly be the night when the lights went out in Georgia and on the future of America’s freedoms.

The Biden-Harris team will have a full house: the presidency, the House and the Senate majority. They will be able to enact all the programs that the socialistic bureaucrats have extolled for years. The problems these platforms entail would result in prohibitive individual freedoms. The government will enforce themselves upon all Americans by claiming justice for all. The swamp will survive and flourish, while American prosperity and success will be eliminated by the bureaucratic will and power. Americans will not tolerate this for very long. We value the importance and survival of all our freedoms. The Washington, D.C., buffoons will be turned out, the ones we call self-serving politicians!

Let us trust that the lights stay on in Georgia!

Beverly E. Monahan