Letter to the Editor: Will transfer of power be peaceful?

Debbie Hiltonstates that Nancy Pelosi is trying to oust Donald Trump (“So much effort wasted on ousting Trump,” Dec. 4).  She states that she doesn’t watch the news but does read the paper. I don’t know how she missed it. There was an election in November, and Trump lost. The American people got rid of him, not Nancy Pelosi.

Elections are the backbone of our democracy. This is the first time in American history where we are not having a peaceful transfer of power. On the contrary, Trump told the Proud Boys to “stand by.” You don’t have to be a genius to know what that means.

President-elect Joe Biden has stated that Trump needs to be out of the White House by Jan. 20. If he is not, he will be arrested for trespassing. I predict that the Proud Boys will be there in force to prevent that arrest.

If Trump sees this lunacy to the end, there will be violence. That blood will be on his hands. That bloody hand will be the legacy of his presidency.

Paul Donnelly