Letter to the Editor: Will we be able to say we’re better off? Or not?

With the projected Biden-Harris presidential victory in 2020, it’s important to remember that prior to the coronavirus, the Democrats had virtually nothing to combat Donald Trump’s successful accomplishments that benefited all the nation’s residents.

During the first three-and-a-half years of the Trump administration, America enjoyed and maintained a flourishing economy; lowered prohibitive regulations that stifled companies, ensuring success for themselves and their entire workforce; and regained military combative capability that had been negatively ignored and neglected in the Obama-Biden years. Our brave veterans were receiving their rightful protections and coverages that had been hampered in the Obama-Biden administration. All that was embarrassingly missing in those prior eight years. These accomplishments should be acknowledged and appreciated if/when the Biden-Harris victors are confirmed in the 2020 presidential election. I won’t hold my breath!

Trump legal teams have now been put in place within certain cities and states where potential improprieties may have occurred during the voting process. It is every politician’s right to ensure that voting procedures were aboveboard and correct. This does take time, and legal battles will ensue, but they are necessary, as the position of president of the United States is the most important position in our world. America must be assured that all procedures were validly followed to the letter.

In some American minds, President Trump’s initial reaction to COVID-19 was an unacceptable one that appeared to disregard the massive importance of this potential killer, but he was also fervently pursuing other avenues to combat this medical enemy, from treatments to a successful vaccine that would eliminate this dreaded illness. He banned Chinese travel into America. It was criticized by many as a faulty, racist, unacceptable action, but it is one that may have saved thousands of American lives. China had prevented all domestic air travel throughout China but allowed international travel to continue.

During that time frame, America was flourishing in all facets of life. Our unemployment level was low, a strong military had been established and was ready to defend America against any foreign adversary. Our military is equal and above in any combative action. In the Biden-Harris years, let us continue to maintain this most important capability, along with keeping our tax rates low. No tax hikes for Americans and our corporations that would return manufacturing back from foreign shores, where a more welcoming, lower tax rate would be more than promising.

When the completed voting tabulations are validated, if a Biden-Harris victory is confirmed and their political plans are shown to secure that American unity is a reality, then all Americans will commend them for their efforts. At the end of their four-year stint in office, will America be able to say, “I am better off now than I was four years ago”? Or will America regretfully state, “Be careful what you ask for … you just might get it!”

May God always bless the United States of America!

Beverly E. Monahan