Letter to the Editor: Will your vote result in a safer Delaware?

Law and order is essential for maintaining a civil society, wherein all families can safely go about their lives. We have an integral role to continuously protect our law-abiding citizens.

By supporting the men and women of law enforcement in this country, we are proactively demonstrating that we value our citizenry. By continuing to fund, train and develop our valuable protective resources, law and order can be maintained and our communities thrive.

Yet, to fully achieve that, we must have a voice in Washington to stand up for Delaware! You might ask, why has this not been happening? Have you observed a lack of law and order? Did the looting and rioting that rolled through portions of Delaware give you anxiety? What about dismantling and destruction of monuments? Is not our history and heritage, through which we can learn valuable lessons from our past, important to remember?

We need to choose representation that will be a strong and resounding voice — by the people and for the people — which fully represents our awesome First State! The simplest and most logical way to do that is to cast your vote Nov. 3 for Lee Murphy for U.S. Congress.

Patricia L. Lester