Letter to the Editor: Witzke is not the right choice

Where was Jane Brady when Lauren Witzke won the GOP primary for the Senate?

Brady refused to denounce Witzke. She said that Witzke should be the one deciding the future of her U.S. Senate campaign.

That’s funny. Brady pressured Chris Rowe, New Castle GOP chair, to step down after making a gay slur. She said, “His comment was offensive and did not reflect the values of respect and tolerance held dear by the Delaware Republican Party.”

And Witzke’s values do?

Witzke supports or has previously expressed supportive opinions on racism, anti-Semitism, violence, QAnon and other theories. She has shared vile, hate-filled rhetoric about Ruth Bader Ginsburg from her social media accounts.

We cannot allow her to rise in the Republican party. She is not representative of our centrist state.

The Brady bunch did not do enough to ensure that its endorsed candidate, James DeMartino, won the Senate primary. They have to fix this. They need to make Witzke go away, like they did Christine O’Donnell.

Delaware is better than this. We cannot go down this path of hate and violence.

Vote for Chris Coons. Or write in another candidate’s name. Do not vote for Lauren Witzke for our great U.S. Senate.

Janice Howlett