Letter to the Editor: Working together will bring needed change to Dover

Editor’s note: This letter was sent to Dover City Council members and others.

Happy New Year everyone!

We have many issues that residents in the community are facing, and addressing these matters should be done properly, so that the residents feel safe from criminals as well as law enforcement. We have to retrain and regroup, so that the city can be represented in a good light.

We are requesting that the Diversity Inclusion Study be put on the agenda for the next Dover City Council meeting. It’s no excuse that there was no overtime to complete this portion of the study and that the makeup of the city is 42% Black residents. The rest of the study was completed, so this is not the message local government should send to the Black community. The study is necessary so that the city knows how much diversity training is actually needed and to what extent.

We are all aware of recent shootings that have taken place in the city —on New Street, near the Manchester Square area and in Capital Green.

Police presence should be increased in these areas, and the guns need to be taken off the streets. Officers need diversity training to learn how to communicate with the people they serve. It’s time to do away with stereotyping and racial profiling, and instead actually serve all the communities. We can’t continue to be noninclusive when it comes to the Black community.

When the Black community – which makes up 42% of Dover – is not included in the decisions made for the city, it’s a violation of the oath taken to serve the citizens of this great city that I grew up in.

Lachelle Paul
Chair, Criminal Justice Committee
NAACP Delaware State Conference of Branches