Letter to the Editor: Write in Drago so Sussex moves forward

If you are in Sussex County Council’s District 3, when voting in person, it is important to type in “Patti Drago” since her name is not printed on the ballot. She decided to run for this office only six weeks before the general election — after the Republican incumbent, I.G. Burton, came 44 votes short of winning the Republican primary.

Sussex County is fortunate to have Patti Drago and her husband as its residents. Supporting the community around, especially those who are not well-represented or served, is natural to them. Now, they are plunging in to help the larger community, called Sussex County, with her experience as a successful business executive and a hands-on community activist.

Let’s see to it that Sussex County moves forward with better jobs for everyone who wants to work and preserves our environmental assets, while protecting the rights of all property owners.

Eul Lee