Letter to the Editor: Writer dismisses Trump tax letter

In response to the writer’s claims in the recent Letter to the Editor, “Lock up Trump’s assets” (Dec. 9), in the interest of fairness, I would like to point out a couple of things to him and readers who may think like him.

First, the writer has never seen President Donald Trump’s tax returns, so has no idea how much in taxes the president has paid. It is illegal for the IRS to release tax information of his, mine, the writer’s or anyone else’s. The writer seems to be going by information found in a recent New York Times article, repeated by most of the mainstream media, which made claims about the president’s tax returns data from an “unnamed source.” The New York Times printed no documents to prove any of the claims, which really just makes it gossip.

Secondly, if the writer does pay taxes, then unless his situation is unusual, due to tax cuts that went into effect in 2016 he probably has paid less in the last four years than he paid prior to that or may pay in the future if Joe Biden becomes president.

Finally, President Trump uses the means of transportation that have always been offered to past and future presidents, which taxpayers have always had to pay for. He also says he donates his salary every quarter to a U.S. government agency of his choice. And at last, someone stands up to China, which has been taking us to the cleaners since 1972, while we let them!

Stan Lakey